Preparing Your Home For Winter

An essential part of maintenance for a condominium association is making sure it is prepared for winter. Here are some ways to prepare for winter. These crucial steps ensure your condominium association is ready for the cold weather and snow.

Make sure that you have your snow plowing vendor lined up well in advance of winter. The good ones book up fast. It is always a good idea to reach out to your snow plowing vendor before the snow falls to go over the association’s expectations to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Get your heating system inspected to ensure it is operating efficiently. An HVAC technician will clean your heating system. They will also make any needed repairs to ensure it is ready for winter.

Get your roof inspected. The roof should be checked for any cracks or loose shingles. Also, it should be repaired as needed. This will help avoid issues from water from melting snow. You also want to make sure your gutters are clean to prevent ice dams.

Cold weather can cause pipes to burst. It is always a good idea to send out a reminder to all residents advising them not to turn their thermostats below 60 degrees. Make sure that your sprinkler systems and outside faucets have been turned off for the winter.

If your association has a pool, make sure it has been winterized. It is also a good idea to have any attics inspected to make sure there is proper insulation. Get your windows inspected for cracking. Then, have any cracks sealed and caulked.

No one wants to deal with water leaks from melting snow or burst pipes. If these steps are followed, your condominium association can avoid winter weather problems. Everyone can have a warm and dry winter.

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