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Maine Condo Management serves condominium associations that desire help with the overall management of their condominium association.  Our property managers make sure that every aspect of running our client’s condominium association is taken care of in a professional, polite and prompt manner.  Our condominium association clients are assured that the investment in their properties is well protected and cared for by our expert property managers.


Financial Services 

  • Accounts Payable - payment of all invoices.
  • Accounts Receivable - deposits for all condo fees & collection of past due fees.
  • Banking - maintain a checking account for operations and savings account for reserves and preparation of monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Maintain all necessary financial records.
  • Preparation of monthly balance sheet, income statement budget to actual reports and supporting schedules.
  • Preparation of annual budget to be approved by board.
  • Preparation of resale certificates and condo questionnaires.
  • Filing of the association’s tax returns & 1099-MISC forms by Maine Condo Taxes


Property Management Services

  • Solicit up to 3 quotes from vendors for property maintenance, insurance and utility contracts, and for any other services that are needed as directed by the board.  Capital improvement projects to be billed separately as agreed upon between board and management.
  • Collect and maintain proof of liability insurance from all service providers.
  • Monthly visual inspection of property to make sure that service providers are following through with their responsibilities.
  • Maintain a log to provide historical information regarding property maintenance and improvements.
  • Respond to owner concerns & complaints.  A property manager will be available to respond to repairs and maintenance as needed.  Emergency after hours service will be billed separately.


At Maine Condo Companies we use our extensive experience in the condominium industry to provide your condominium association with the highest quality service.  We look forward to hearing from you on how we can help serve your condominium association!          


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